Miami Disability Insurance Lawyers Helping Policyholders Collect Disability Insurance Benefits

While it is disconcerting when an insurance company denies any type of claim, it can be particularly devastating when an insurer disputes or rejects a claim for disability benefits. Whether you have suffered a debilitating injury or developed a medical condition that prevents you from working, you should be able to count on your insurance company to provide the benefits you have paid for under your disability insurance policy. When your insurance company breaks its promise and refuses to protect you, you need to have an experienced team of Miami disability insurance lawyers on your side.

Ver Ploeg & Marino is dedicated to representing policyholders involved in complex coverage disputes with their insurance carriers. Our firm has decades of experience helping clients obtain the insurance benefits they are entitled to receive after suffering a disability. We understand the tremendous physical, emotional, and financial challenges associated with a career-ending disability, and we work to make certain that the insurance companies provide our clients with the benefits they need to support themselves and confront these challenges on a daily basis.

Achieving Positive Resolutions in Coverage Disputes

The Miami disability insurance lawyers at our firm represent people from all walks of life, from doctors, lawyers, and other professionals to blue-collar workers and everyone in between. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry and the complicated body of laws governing its operations. We handle insurance coverage disputes involving private disability insurance policies and group policies provided through an employer, whether governed by state law or ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act).

Our disability insurance attorneys work with clients at all stages of the claims process. We assist in preparing and submitting the initial disability claim to a carrier, responding to requests for information or medical examinations, resolving disputes through the claims and appeals processes, and litigating claims in the trial and appellate courts. When clients come to us with many policies and multiple types of disability coverage, we are able to help sort through the benefits available and guide them through the claims filing process.

When you file a claim for benefits, sometimes an insurance company will dispute whether you are disabled and, if so, the extent to which you are disabled. The company might insist that many jobs are still available to you or that your injury or condition is not permanent. Additionally, your carrier may only offer you partial benefits, claiming that because you are able to work in some capacity, your disability is residual rather than total. Other times, an insurance company that has been providing disability benefits for many years may abruptly terminate payments. The company may assert that you are no longer disabled or that the policy language places a time limit on certain conditions. In some situations, the insurance carrier will rely upon a surveillance report from an outside company to justify cutting off your payments. Resolving these issues involves a thorough understanding of insurance law, policy language, and the facts of each claim. It also requires evidence from reliable medical and vocational experts.

Our law firm has the resources, knowledge, and skills required to secure positive outcomes for your disability insurance claim. When coverage disputes arise, we work directly with our clients to craft the best path for a successful resolution. Our Miami disability insurance lawyers make every effort to resolve these disputes outside of the litigation process while preparing to take the insurer to court when it is in our clients’ best interest. Additionally, while most disability coverage denials trigger a breach of contract claims, we aggressively preserve and pursue bad faith claims when these remedies are available. Depending upon the specifics of your case, if you have received a bad faith disability coverage denial, you could be entitled to seek punitive damages in addition to your other losses.

Talk to our Team of Miami Disability Insurance Lawyers

If you have questions about your disability coverage matter or believe that your carrier has wrongfully denied your claim, you can schedule a consultation by emailing us or calling 305-577-3996. From our offices in Miami and Orlando, our lawyers represent policyholders in insurance coverage disputes throughout Florida and across the nation.

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