Representing Policyholders and Beneficiaries in Florida Life Insurance Disputes

The grief and pain following the death of a loved one can be compounded by the actions of an insurance company that fails to pay a valid life insurance claim. Sometimes policyholders face the loss of a valuable life insurance asset due to a dispute over premium payments. While fighting with a life insurance company is frustrating, an experienced Miami insurance coverage lawyer may be able to help you restore a policy or get the life insurance benefits you are entitled to receive.

The attorneys at Ver Ploeg & Marino represent policyholders and beneficiaries in life insurance disputes. When insurance companies fail to honor the terms of their policies, we hold them accountable. Our Miami insurance recovery attorneys have an in-depth understanding of insurance laws, industry practices, and the language used in life insurance policies. We leverage our knowledge and experience to handle all types of life insurance coverage disputes, including situations where the insurance companies:

  • Deny the life insurance claim
  • Delay payment of the claim to the beneficiary
  • Rescind (retroactively cancel) the policy
  • Make accusations of fraud or misrepresentation
  • Lapse or terminate coverage for failure to pay premiums
  • Deny a reinstatement application

Our attorneys recognize that policyholders purchase life insurance to help their loved ones survive financially in the event of the policyholder’s death. Failure to pay the life insurance claim can be economically devastating for the beneficiary. It also dishonors the memory and wishes of the deceased.

A Miami Insurance Coverage Lawyer Can Help Beneficiaries Secure Their Benefits

When an insurance company refuses to provide beneficiaries with the benefits owed under a life insurance policy, our attorneys are prepared to take quick and decisive action. In many of these cases, the insurance company will deny the beneficiary’s claim by challenging statements made in the original policy application. The company may rescind the life insurance policy insisting that it should never have been issued because the application contained incorrect information. When an insurance company attempts to void a policy based upon the content in initial application, our lawyers will investigate the allegations and defend the statements made in the application in an effort to establish coverage. We work with underwriting experts to demonstrate that the information supplied in the application was correct and if any misstatements did occur, they were unintentional and immaterial to the insurance company’s decision to issue the policy.

In other situations, the insurance company may claim that the life insurance policy lapsed because of non-payment or a late payment. When these issues arise and the insurance company refuses to provide coverage, a Miami insurance coverage lawyer from our firm will fight to reinstate the policy and secure benefits for our clients. We investigate the insurer’s underwriting decisions and work with experts who can calculate the historical value of a life insurance policy to prove that the coverage should have remained in force.

Securing Optimal Resolutions for our Clients

When life insurance coverage denials and disputes arise, our lawyers work to reach optimal resolutions for our clients in the most cost-efficient manner possible. While many cases can be effectively resolved without litigation, our lawyers prepare each case for the courtroom and pursue strategies in our clients’ best interest. We also pursue bad faith actions against the insurance company in cases where the company unreasonably denies or delays the payment of a legitimate life insurance claim.

Beyond coverage disputes with the insurance companies, our attorneys also represent individual beneficiaries when there is a disagreement among beneficiaries as to who should receive benefits under a life insurance policy. In these situations, the life insurance company may place the proceeds of the insurance policy into an account with the court until a determination is made as to who is legally entitled to collect the funds. Our lawyers also regularly help clients evaluate the life insurance products they are purchasing and represent clients in claims involving agent and broker misrepresentation.

If There’s a Dispute Regarding Your Life Insurance Policy, You or Your Beneficiaries Need to Contact a Miami Insurance Coverage Lawyer

If you have questions about a life insurance product or have been unjustly denied the benefits of an insurance policy, please contact us by email or call 305-577-3996. An experienced Miami insurance coverage lawyer at our firm will carefully evaluate your situation and discuss the legal options that may be available to you. We have convenient office locations in Miami and Orlando.

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