Offering Comprehensive Risk-Management Advisory Services

In today’s litigious society, companies of all types risk being sued. Cognizant of substantial costs and disruptions associated with legal claims and litigation, the attorneys at Ver Ploeg & Marino are committed to providing comprehensive risk-management advisory services to our clients. For more than 20 years, our firm has concentrated our legal practice on counseling and representing businesses throughout Florida and nationwide in coverage disputes with their insurance companies. We have an advanced understanding of the insurance industry and work one on one with our commercial clients to ensure that they are taking appropriate actions to protect their most important business and financial interests.

Our firm’s Risk Management Advisory Services include:

  • Insurance Coverage Review and Analysis. The attorneys at our firm are well versed in all categories of insurance products available to businesses.We work directly with our clients to ensure they have the proper types and amounts of insurance coverage in place to protect their organizations from potential legal claims and liability. We assist clients throughout the application process and review insurance binders to ensure our policyholder clients have a clear understanding of the coverage products they have purchased.
  • Tailoring Insurance Contract Language. Contractual provisions in an insurance policy are typically issued via Insurance Services Office (ISO) forms. Our lawyers work with clients to ensure the language in their policies is tailored to meet the specific needs of their businesses. We carefully review all policy language in conjunction with any underlying contracts relating to indemnity and additional insureds requirements, to ensure our clients are provided the protections they need.
  • Endorsements. Sometimes a client or the carrier will need to make a change to an existing insurance policy. These changes are typically issued via endorsements. Our lawyers work with clients to ensure that the language in any such endorsement is drafted correctly to provide the protection they are looking for.
  • Analysis and Archiving of Insurance Policies. Businesses frequently have insurance policies that go back years, if not decades. Keeping track of these policies can be a very tedious and challenging process. The attorneys at our firm help clients create comprehensive archives of their insurance policies so they have direct and immediate access to all their insurance coverage information.
  • Monitoring Legal Developments. Changes in the law can have a substantial impact on your business. Our lawyers regularly track legal developments across a wide variety of industries. We share this information with our clients and work with them to ensure they are taking appropriate steps to fully address any changes that may apply to them.

Contact Us to Learn More About our Risk Management Advisory Services

If you have questions or would like to take advantage of our Risk Management Advisory Services, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with an experienced Miami insurance coverage lawyer at our firm. You can reach us today by calling our Miami or Orlando offices at 305-577-3996 or contact us by email.

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