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CLASS dismissed, voluntary program not sustainable

Mon Oct 17th, 2011 on     Long-Term Disability,    

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has been over the numbers time and again, but it just won’t work. Last week, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told Congress that the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program can never be actuarially sound. The insurance program was to have been established under the Affordable Care Act.

Sinkhole swallows family vehicle as Citizens approves rate hike

Thu Oct 13th, 2011 on     Insurance Claims,    

Miami-Dade County may have its share of windstorms and hurricanes, but sinkholes are extremely rare in this part of Florida. That may be a selling point for one Marion County family looking to relocate after losing their home to two sinkholes. If there is any good news, it could be that this happened before Citizens’ new premiums go into effect — families with sinkhole insurance could be paying hundreds of dollars more in premiums after the first of the year.

A different kind of ‘bad faith’ bill for Florida Legislature p. 2

Wed Oct 5th, 2011 on     Bad Faith Insurance,    

We’re picking up the thread from our Sept. 28 post, continuing the discussion of a claims bill scheduled for Florida’s next legislative session. The claim involves a personal injury suit against a county sheriffs department. The bill has languished for a couple of years, because the focus has shifted from compensating the victim and his family to setting a new precedent for insurance bad faith claims.

The sky is falling! Will my insurance carrier pay for the damage?

Sat Oct 1st, 2011 on     Insurance Claims,    

Officials from NASA announced recently that an expired climate satellite lhad ost its orbit and would fall to Earth. People in Florida and elsewhere in the country had been wondering if their home or even their person could be hit by falling debris. It is no surprise that people question whether their insurance company will pick up the tab to repair any damage — the satellite weighs 6 tons.

A different kind of ‘bad faith’ bill for Florida Legislature

Wed Sep 28th, 2011 on     Bad Faith Insurance,    

The family of a young man who was seriously injured in an accident 13 years ago may finally receive compensation in 2012. The Florida Legislature will once again consider a claims bill in his case, and the insurance industry is once again mounting a campaign opposing the measure. The issue for insurers is the potential bad faith claim that could follow the bill’s passage.

Survey finds insurers aren’t planning for climate change p3

Thu Sep 22nd, 2011 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

For all the trouble insurance causes Floridians, raising rates or leaving the state, there is an upside: Floridians must be some of the savviest insurance consumers in the country. In northern states, natives say it’s okay to complain about the weather, just understand that it’ll change in five minutes. Here, we can say the same thing about the homeowner insurance market.

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