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It comes but once a year: May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Sat May 9th, 2015 on     Long-Term Disability,    

It may not be noted in your Outlook calendar, but May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Not exactly a Hallmark occasion, the program was sponsored by Life Happens, a nonprofit organization of insurance industry professionals that, according to its website, strives “to inspire the public to take personal financial responsibility through the ownership of life insurance and related products.”

What is long-term disability insurance? p2

Mon Sep 22nd, 2014 on     Long-Term Disability,    

As we said in our last post, long-term disability insurance is wage replacement insurance. Health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, property insurance — they reimburse insureds for the expense or a portion of the expense of a covered event. Long-term and short-term disability insurance kick in when a covered event affects the insured’s earning power.

When your insurance company doesn’t fulfill its obligations

Fri May 9th, 2014 on     Long-Term Disability,    

Most Americans are aware of the importance of homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, car insurance, and life insurance, but when it comes to disability insurance there seems to be a bit more of a disconnect. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the bottom line is that not enough Americans have the coverage they need if they end up becoming disabled.

Chronic fatigue syndrome may finally have treatment

Sat Jan 12th, 2013 on     Long-Term Disability,    

One of the problems anyone who has filed a long-term disability insurance claim in Miami has had is proving disability. Oftentimes, insurance companies will try very hard to deny benefits by claiming an applicant is not disabled or by arguing that while the applicant may not be able to perform his or her old job, there are still things that he or she can do. Sometimes, insurance companies may deny someone their insurance claims because the company has said the individual is not permanently disabled. Working with a disability insurance attorney, however, may be one of the best ways to get the disability insurance benefits an applicant deserves.

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