The Florida Construction Defect Statute: What You Need To Know If You Are Involved In A Contested Construction Defect Claim

Fri Oct 13th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

Ver Ploeg & Marino is a leader in assisting policyholders throughout Florida in recovering the compensation they are owed. A Miami property insurance lawyer from our firm can advise you as to your rights and what you can expect throughout the recovery process. As our firm focuses solely on upholding the rights of policyholders, we know the law surrounding this area and stay on top of any changes or new legislation that arises. Being up-to-date […]

What Are Cyber Liability Insurance Policies, and How Do I Know If My Company Needs One?

Fri Sep 29th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

One hundred years ago no one in the insurance business would have heard of a cyber liability policy, but in today’s world, cyber liability policies offer protection most companies need. With technology constantly evolving and more and more information being placed online, cyber-attacks and data breaches are a very real threat. Understanding what a cyber liability insurance policy is and how it can benefit your company is essential for optimum success and protection.  Unfortunately, as […]

My Home Was Damaged in a Hurricane — What Should I Do Now?

Fri Sep 15th, 2023 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

It is the time of year when all eyes turn to the South Atlantic and all ears perk when the word “hurricane” is mentioned. Especially for those of us in the Sunshine State, hurricanes pose a real threat to life and property. When they do hit, they often hit hard, and many people suffer from extensive property damage, principally to their homes. When this happens to you, there are steps you should take to best […]

Who Can Benefit from Risk Management Advisory Services?

Thu Aug 10th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

While most business owners attempt to conduct their operations in a way that is compliant with all laws and regulations, the truth is that it is often difficult for business owners to recognize all the pitfalls that threaten their livelihood. At Ver Ploeg & Marino (VPM), we concentrate our practice on helping policyholders recover the compensation they are owed under the terms of their policies. As part of our commitment to empowering all policyholders, we […]

How & Why Insurance Companies Deny Trucking Accident Claims

Fri Jul 7th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

Large trucks are a common site on Florida roadways. Used to transport goods and cargo throughout the Sunshine State, they can be found on the busiest interstates as well as back roads. When these trucks are involved in accidents, injured victims can find that the companies insuring these vehicles are unwilling to cooperate and pay valid claims. When this happens, it is best to seek counsel from an experienced Miami insurance claim lawyer at VPM. […]

Common Insurance Coverage Gaps Faced By Policyholders

Fri Jun 30th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

Most policyholders believe they are well insured and only become aware of coverage gaps when they file a claim. This is unfortunate as the gaps can lead to policyholders not recovering financially from the losses they suffer. While there are many different types of gaps that policyholders can experience, some are more commonly encountered by the Miami insurance law attorneys at VPM. Commercial Insurance Policy Gaps Inaccurate Listing of Insureds The declaration page of the […]

Common Reasons Cyber Liability Claims Are Denied

Fri Jun 9th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

At our Miami insurance law firm, Ver Ploeg & Marino, we often represent companies that have had their claims for cyber liability denied by their insurers. These claims consist of different types of liability issues from cyberattacks to data breaches, and can cause a company to suffer significant financial and reputational losses.  First-Party Losses vs. Third-Party Losses There are two types of losses that can be sustained and trigger a claim for cyber liability. They […]

Guide to Bad Faith Insurance Claims in Florida

Fri May 5th, 2023 on     Bad Faith Insurance,    

If your insurance company has denied your claim or resolved it unsatisfactorily, you may be able to bring a bad faith claim against them in court.  Of course, not every denial constitutes bad faith. As Miami insurance claim lawyers, we are experienced in determining whether an insurer has handled a claim appropriately and in recognizing bad faith insurance practices.  For a policyholder, the first step is to educate yourself as to what your insurance company […]

Types of Homeowners Insurance Policies

Fri Mar 31st, 2023 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

Your home is most likely the single largest investment you will ever make. It makes sense, then, to take precautions to make certain your investment is protected. To this end, most people in the Sunshine State have a residential insurance policy to protect their homes from the unexpected. If your home is subject to a mortgage, a residential insurance policy is required.  There are different kinds of insurance available to homeowners, and obtaining the correct […]

Common Commercial General Liability Policy Exclusions

Tue Feb 14th, 2023 on     Insurance Claims,    

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance policies shield businesses from lawsuits brought by third parties. The protection they provide to businesses for bodily injuries and property damages makes them a necessity. Unfortunately, claims made under CGL policies are sometimes denied, and when they are, it is typically because of policy exclusions. When this happens, policyholders need the assistance of an experienced Miami insurance litigation lawyer.  Policies differ, and you should check your particular policy to be […]

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