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Is it hot in here? Not if you’re a force-placed insurance company

Tue Dec 9th, 2014 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

In September 2012, we wrote a post about force-placed insurance with the catchy title, “Force-placed insurance companies feeling the heat.” At the time, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners was just beginning to look into the practice, and Florida was dubbed “Ground Zero” for what regulators believed was an unfair business practice. Two years ago, force-placed insurance (also called “lender-placed insurance”) was the looming sub-scandal of the housing crisis.

Homeowners insurance claim disputes regarding exclusions

Thu Dec 4th, 2014 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

Sometimes, an event will occur, such as a fire, which causes a significant amount of damage to a person’s home and the property in their home. After such an event, one thing a homeowner will often do is file a claim with their homeowners insurance provider to try to get financial relief for the property damage. Among the things homeowners insurance generally includes is property insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for homeowners for certain types of property damage.

You were elected to the board of directors? Gee, that’s … um … p2

Wed Nov 12th, 2014 on     Insurance Law,    

Power and responsibility may come at a price: liability. Serving on the board of directors or as an officer of a for-profit or nonprofit organization may be lucrative or rewarding or both, but the positions also carry risk for the individual. Think about Enron: When the company imploded, officers and directors scrambled to prepare for lawsuits and criminal charges against them personally and as a group, even if they knew they had done nothing wrong.

You were elected to the board of directors? Gee, that’s … um …

Fri Nov 7th, 2014 on     Insurance Law,    

There is a naysayer in every crowd. When you buy a fancy new car, your first indulgence in a long time, one of your friends or coworkers will point out that the car lost a third of its value the second you drove off the lot. When you buy your first house, that same person, who just happened to purchase a home last year, will not congratulate you. He will kill your excitement by tossing in a “Just wait ’til you have to replace the roof” comment.

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