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When a dream home becomes a nightmare because of mold, we can help

Fri Mar 17th, 2017 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

As much as times have changed, there’s no disputing that one of the primary objectives for most individuals or couples is to move out of their rental property and into a home that they can call their own.

Of course, this was an admittedly more dubious proposition not long ago because of the recession, but things have changed considerably, such that the housing market is now far more stable. Indeed, more and more Floridians are breaking ground on new homes or finding a place to settle down with the help of a realtor. What happens, however, when their dream home becomes an absolute nightmare owing to the presence of hazardous mold?

While the growth of mold in homes may seem like a relatively rare occurrence, this has proven to be far from the reality here in the Sunshine State.

That’s because our humidity levels coupled with our annual rainfall and the fact that many homes are located near waterways or wetlands can create ideal conditions for toxic mold like Stachybotrys to form and spread.

Making matters worse, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that construction defects are very much to blame for the proliferation of mold in residential properties. Specifically, these defects enable the aforementioned moisture to permeate windows, stucco and even weather barriers, causing the growth of mold on the interior wood. In addition to causing health problems, this mold can also compromise the structural integrity of the home.

While a distressed homeowner would naturally want to seek redress from the builder, the reality is that state law sets the limit for bringing such claims at ten years, meaning this might not be an option. There is, of course, the option of filing a claim with a homeowners’ insurance company.

The insurance companies are notorious, however, for denying these claims, citing exclusions and claiming mold is not a covered occurrence.

This is not to say that securing coverage for mold damage is impossible. Rather, it means to say that it’s a matter perhaps best left in the hands of those with extensive experience and knowledge of this complex legal area.

At Ver Ploeg & Marino, P.A., we have just this experience and knowledge. To learn more about our comprehensive approach to mold damage cases, please visit our website.

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