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Florida politicians to battle mandatory health insurance law

Mon Feb 28th, 2011 on     Health Insurance,    

It is usually policyholders and health-care providers that must go to battle over health insurance. But many Florida lawmakers have been busy fighting within the health insurance arena, by attacking the federal law requiring health insurance coverage for all Americans. Many politicians, including Governor Rick Scott, have found the health-insurance mandate to overstep the role of government in the lives of Floridians.

Many lawmakers are supporting legislation that would amend the Florida Constitution to ban any requirement that people or businesses carry health insurance. Such legislation is enjoying widespread support amongst politicians statewide. If the proposed bills are voted into law, it could bring on a legal showdown between Florida and the federal government. Such litigation would involve important constitutional issues.

Whether one is for or against the state legislation, the outcome won’t eliminate the daily struggle that many have concerning rejection of their health insurance claims. In fact, if the federal law achieves its intended goal of mandatory health insurance for all citizens, it is conceivable that the rate of denial for health insurance claims could rise.

If the federal mandate succeeds, almost every documented American will have health insurance (except for those who choose to be financially penalized in lieu of insurance). The health insurance companies may respond by placing stricter processes in place to deal with the larger volume of claims, in an attempt to promote “efficiency” in their claim evaluation. These new processes could make it more common for the health insurance company to make denials of insurance claims, causing more health insurance claim disputes.

Of course, there is much yet to unfold before we’ll know whether the federal law creates a rise in the rate of health insurance claim rejection. Ultimately, the responsibility falls upon the health insurance companies to properly analyze claims and refrain from denying legitimate health-insurance claims.

Source:, “Florida Legislature rushing to combat federal health care law,” Aaron Deslatte, 23 Feb 2011.

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