Homeowners insurance claim disputes regarding exclusions

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Sometimes, an event will occur, such as a fire, which causes a significant amount of damage to a person’s home and the property in their home. After such an event, one thing a homeowner will often do is file a claim with their homeowners insurance provider to try to get financial relief for the property damage. Among the things homeowners insurance generally includes is property insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage for homeowners for certain types of property damage.

Sadly, homeowners insurance claims don’t always go as smoothly as a homeowner may hope. Sometimes, disputes will arise between a homeowner and their insurer in relation to such a claim. There are many different types of such disputes that can arise. Today’s post will be focused on one of these types: disputes regarding exclusions.

The property insurance portion of a person’s homeowners insurance policy generally contains several exclusions. Exclusions are things that the policy does not cover a homeowner for. One would hope that insurance providers would only deny a homeowners insurance claim on the basis of a policy exclusion when the thing the homeowner is making a claim in relation to is in fact excluded under the policy. Unfortunately though, given that insurance companies have a financial interest in keeping claim payouts low, such companies may sometimes try to stretch an exclusion to apply to something that it might actually not. Thus, disputes sometimes come up over whether or not a given claim falls under the language of a policy exclusion.

Claim disputes over exclusions can be very frustrating for a homeowners insurance policyholder. Such disputes can leave them feeling like they are being victimized all over again, this time by their insurance provider. Thus, when in such a dispute, a homeowners insurance policyholder may find it very helpful to bring in an experienced attorney to protect their interests and fight for them to get what they deserve under the insurance policy.  

If you would like to learn more about exclusion-related disputes and other disputes regarding homeowners insurance claims, you may find our firm’s homeowners insurance claim disputes page a good starting point.

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