Insurers making health insurance denials based on bad faith

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Health insurers are not consumer-oriented protectors in our dog-eat-dog healthcare system of today. In fact, in Florida and elsewhere, some of the greatest heartache and family suffering has been caused by wrongful decisions of health insurers. It is common these days to receive a denial of health insurance coverage based on illogical and irrational reasons. These decisions are so hurtful to consumers that some of them must seek bankruptcy relief while others suffer permanent credit record blemishes for outlandish medical bills that they cannot pay.

Health insurers recently have come up with yet another anti-consumer theory on how to deny health insurance coverage to even more people. The latest tactic of some of the country’s largest health insurers is to deny claims to people who may have committed illegal acts. Apparently, some states may deny insurance coverage to those who commit certain felonies. However, in one state, Blue Cross has denied to pay for medical care for two separate cases where motorcyclists were seriously injured in motorcycle crashes.

Apparently, the company is trying to say that the insured person committed some illegal act, but the police who investigated the accidents did not arrest the insured individuals. Certainly, a medical insurer cannot now make moral fault determinations regarding vehicular accidents and refuse health insurance coverage where it would normally apply. Although the insurance companies have lost all of the litigation in these cases, they continue to issue illegal acts denials of coverage. 

That is likely because many people do not challenge the oppressive decisions of health insurance companies. However, today in Florida and elsewhere, the economic realities of obtaining equal and reasonable access to health care are so pressing and important that people cannot accept wrongful insurance decisions without taking issue and fighting back. When faced with a problem like this one, the consumer will be able to turn the tables in many instances by obtaining a consultation with an insurance law attorney who is experienced in assisting consumers to vindicate their rights.

Source:, “Health insurers can reject your claim by saying you broke the law, even without charges“, Audrey Dutton, Nov. 20, 2016

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