Business owners wonder if primaries are worth the risk

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The Florida primary is coming up, and the state is gearing up for the campaign stops and the stump speeches. This summer, Florida will host the Republican National Convention. The state’s hospitality industry is looking forward to the economic boom that comes with all this political activity, but individual business owners may want to think about the risks that come with large crowds. Now is the time to review property and commercial general liability insurance coverage.

A small restaurant in one of the early primary states decided the headaches weren’t worth the small benefits political campaigns brought in. An area television station aired a story about the owner of the breakfast and lunch café and the sign on the front door: “No Politicians. No exception.”

It isn’t just that the political entourage and accompanying media circus take over the place and keep local patrons out, but it’s also that they, along with the people who come to shake hands and have babies kissed, don’t spend as much. The café owner said this crowd is more likely to buy a cup of coffee than sit down to a meal, but they’ll linger for just as long.

He said, too, that there is seldom any warning. The door opens, and suddenly the restaurant is “overrun by cameras and blah, blah and blah,” he explained. It’s hard to know how or if you have to prepare for a candidate visit.

Insurance and risk management professionals are with him. We’ll get into more detail in our next post.

Source: Risk & Insurance, “Thumbing Noses at Exposure,” Cyril Tuohy, Jan. 10, 2012

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