What Is An ERISA Insurance Claim?

Fri Nov 3rd, 2017 on     Disability Insurance,    

If you are covered by an employee benefit plan (life insurance, pension, health, retirement benefits, etc.), and you work for a private industry employer, then in all likelihood, your plan is governed by ERISA regulation.  ERISA can have important ramifications for your insurance claims and the process by which you can seek proper recourse in the event that your claims are wrongfully denied. What is ERISA? The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was enacted […]

Common Justifications for Denial of Disability Benefits

Wed Oct 11th, 2017 on     Disability Insurance,    

In Florida, as is the case in other states, disability benefits may be denied for a number of different reasons.  Insurers often act wrongfully when denying benefits, however.  If you believe that you have legitimate reason to challenge the denial of your benefits, you may appeal the denial and — having exhausted the administrative process — you may even bring a lawsuit against your insurer for wrongful denial. On what basis do insurers justify the […]

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