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Is the Geico gecko just bad at math, or is this discrimination?

Mon Feb 23rd, 2015 on     Insurance Law,    

We are finishing up our discussion of the Consumer Federation of California’s complaint to that state’s insurance department about Geico Insurance Co.’s web-based application. According to the CFC, the app offers certain applicants policies with coverage limits that violate state consumer protection and auto insurance laws. The website asks for information in violation of state law as well, the CFC claims.

Don’t trust the gecko for an auto quote, consumer group warns

Sat Feb 21st, 2015 on     Insurance Law,    

We are picking up the discussion from our last post — the discussion about the Consumer Federation of California’s complaint to the state’s insurance department about Geico Insurance Co. The problem, the CFC says, is that the Geico online application’s rating process requires applicants to supply information in violation of state law and then uses that information to discriminate against certain categories of applicants.

Pay no attention to the insurer behind that diplomatic curtain p2

Wed Feb 11th, 2015 on     Insurance Law,    

We were talking in our last post about insurance and traveling and the hassle of dealing with insurance claims for things that happen away from home. Most of us are familiar with the hassle that comes from going out-of-network with a health care claim. Put a few hundred miles between you and your in-network providers, and things get even more complicated.

Florida is in a babalulu of a spot with Cuba policy change

Sat Feb 7th, 2015 on     Insurance Law,    

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio blasted the Obama administration recently for relaxing restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. The change in policy, Rubio argued, ignores human rights issues that continue to exist in Cuba. Further, he said, our expanded interaction with the country will not inspire the Castro regime to change its ways. Sending tourists to Havana will not make life any easier for pro-democracy nationals. Lowering trade barriers will not force the Cuban government to curtail its use of violence in dealing with opponents or critics.

Policy cancellations: You can’t fire me – or can you?

Wed Dec 31st, 2014 on     Insurance Law,    

The enrollment period for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act closes at noon today. Chances are good that those of us who have put this off to the very last minute will have a tremendous sense of relief when it’s finally taken care of. There is a certain comfort that comes from knowing that your insurance is in place for another year.

You were elected to the board of directors? Gee, that’s … um … p2

Wed Nov 12th, 2014 on     Insurance Law,    

Power and responsibility may come at a price: liability. Serving on the board of directors or as an officer of a for-profit or nonprofit organization may be lucrative or rewarding or both, but the positions also carry risk for the individual. Think about Enron: When the company imploded, officers and directors scrambled to prepare for lawsuits and criminal charges against them personally and as a group, even if they knew they had done nothing wrong.

You were elected to the board of directors? Gee, that’s … um …

Fri Nov 7th, 2014 on     Insurance Law,    

There is a naysayer in every crowd. When you buy a fancy new car, your first indulgence in a long time, one of your friends or coworkers will point out that the car lost a third of its value the second you drove off the lot. When you buy your first house, that same person, who just happened to purchase a home last year, will not congratulate you. He will kill your excitement by tossing in a “Just wait ’til you have to replace the roof” comment.

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