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Hurricane Preparedness: State and Federal Government Resources

Fri Feb 21st, 2020 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will soon be upon us and it is important for homeowners to be prepared. As we’ve learned in past years, it only takes one storm to cause widespread devastation, and homeowners who take steps to get ready will be in the best position to begin the recovery process as quickly possible.

Are you ready? Here are seven hurricane preparedness resources from the State of Florida, various U.S. federal government agencies and the National Hurricane Survival Initiative:

7 Free Hurricane Preparedness Resources

1. Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Hurricane Preparedness Tools

FEMA’s website provides a number of tools that homeowners can use to prepare for hurricane season. From creating an emergency communication plan to checking your insurance coverage, these tools provide practical tips for making sure you are ready.

2. National Weather Service Hurricane Preparedness Information

The National Weather Service maintains current hurricane forecast information on its website as well as information about hurricane safety and resources for putting together a personalized disaster preparedness plan.

3. U.S. Coast Guard: Make Your Safety Plans in Advance

The U.S. Coast Guard is urging all homeowners to make safety plans in advance, and has published a number of useful, easy-to-ready graphics that homeowners can use to make sure they have taken the necessary steps to prepare for a potential hurricane.

4. Hurricane Seasonal Preparedness Digital Toolkit is the official disaster preparedness website of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Here, you will find a comprehensive toolkit which includes tips, weather resources, evacuation zone information and a list of recommended supplies.

5. Emergency Alerts and Notifications is the state’s primary online portal for communicating with citizens about storms and storm response. Go here for recent updates, preparation tips, and to sign up to receive statewide emergency notifications.

6. National Hurricane Survival Initiative (NHSI) Hurricane Safety Checklists

NHSI’s Hurricane Safety Checklist provides a detailed list of items that could be important to have in the event of a major storm. It provides recommendations for how much food and water to store, what documents you should make sure you have available, what tools and supplies to have on hand, and what to buy to meet your baby’s or pet’s needs.

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