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When the insurance company underpays your claim, we can help

Thu Aug 25th, 2016 on     Insurance Law,    

If the unimaginable happens — your car is totaled in an accident, your apartment catches fire, your home is damaged in a tropical storm — you will understandably experience a host of emotions, including shock, anxiety, acceptance and ultimately peace of mind.

Here, this peace of mind comes from knowing that the insurance coverage you spent so much time researching and ultimately purchasing will finally be worth its weight in gold, providing the necessary funds to pick up the pieces and move forward from the incident.

While it’s true that many insured parties will receive full value for their claims, it’s also true that many other insured parties will see their claims undervalued to a considerable degree.

Making matters worse, many of these parties are in such dire need of money following the incident that they have no time to haggle with the insurance company over the money owed and no choice but to begrudgingly accept the underpayment.

This can cause the insured party to experience a sense of frustration as they are not made whole, betrayal as they’ve made years of regular premium payments, and hopelessness as they have no hope of holding a corporate behemoth legally accountable.

While these feelings are all entirely understandable, it’s important for people in this situation to understand that they do have options for holding insurers accountable for underpayments of claims.

At Ver Ploeg & Marino, P.A., we have been handling insurance cases for over 20 years and are fully committed to fighting to secure the money to which policyholders are entitled. Our wealth of skill and experience means we are always ready, willing and able to negotiate, mediate and, if necessary, litigate.

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