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Insurance protection while traveling

Wed Jul 10th, 2013 on     Insurance Claims,    

Insurance protection is always looked at as a necessary nuisance and expense-no one wants to buy it but we all understand it’s needed in the event of certain circumstances. What’s worse is not knowing whether our current coverage is enough or if additional protection is needed-particularly when we are traveling.

Florida Supreme Court rules against insurance companies, p. 3

Wed Jul 10th, 2013 on     Insurance Claims,    

The Florida Supreme Court handed down three decisions settling insurance disputes on July 3, 2013. The cases were very different: One dealt with a reimbursement issue, another with an automatic benefit increase and the last with replacement cost coverage. In our last two posts, we reviewed the first two decisions. Here, we will tackle the third.

Florida Supreme Court rules against insurance companies

Sat Jul 6th, 2013 on     Insurance Claims,    

Insurance companies did not fare well in three recent Florida Supreme Court decisions. Two cases sprang from policyholder complaints, while the third involved a medical provider. If policyholders — be they individuals or businesses — take one thing away from these decisions, it should be to read every policy carefully.

A beneficiary is a beneficiary is a beneficiary, SCOTUS says, p.2

Mon Jul 1st, 2013 on     Insurance Claims,    

We are discussing a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding the proceeds from a life insurance policy. The insured was covered under the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance plan, and when he passed away in 2008 his widow discovered that the named beneficiary on the policy was his ex-wife. The insurer distributed the proceeds to the ex-wife, and the widow sued.

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