Disability Insurance: A Look at 9 of the Most Dangerous Industries for Florida Workers

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While injuries can happen in most industries, some are more likely to result in injury for Florida workers. Often these injuries cause the worker to become disabled, and when the worker turns to their insurance carrier for the disability benefits they are entitled to, they are sometimes denied. When this happens, the Miami disability insurance lawyers at Ver Ploeg & Marino are here to provide the assistance needed to these policyholders so they can recover the compensation they are owed. 

#1 Construction Industry

The construction industry has many perils that often result in injured workers with career-ending disabilities. From having to work on scaffoldings to moving large pieces of machinery, workers are surrounded by dangerous situations. The Miami disability insurance lawyers at Ver Ploeg & Marino are well-versed in handling even the most complicated cases involving the denial of disability benefits, including private and group disability policies. 

#2 Logging Industry

The logging industry has many workers responsible for cutting down trees, loading them onto logging trucks, and hauling them to a factory or other destination. These workers are subject to injury due to falling trees and the constant threats posed by working around and with large pieces of equipment. When injuries occur, they often result in the worker becoming disabled.

#3 Roofing Industry

Installing or replacing a roof on a home or business is inherently dangerous. Slips, trips, and falls can easily happen to even the most experienced roofer, and when they do, the fall to the ground can cause extensive injuries resulting in disability. Another danger faced by roofers includes electrocution and burns from overhead power lines. Finally, roofers must work in all types of weather, and heat exhaustion is a real threat. When a roofer becomes disabled due to injuries sustained from one of these dangers, and their claim for disability benefits is denied, they need one of the experienced Miami disability insurance lawyers at Ver Ploeg & Marino. 

#4 Transportation Industry

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting heavy cargo across the state of Florida. Moving such large loads requires the use of special trucks, such as 18-wheelers and semi-trucks. When these trucks are used to transport goods, and an accident occurs, injuries are typically catastrophic and often leave the injured person in need of short or long-term disability benefits. 

Unfortunately, insurance carriers sometimes deny the policyholder the benefits to which they are entitled under the terms of their insurance policy.

#5 Farming & Ranching Industry

Agriculture and ranching are huge industries in Florida. Workers on farms and ranches face multiple risks, including injuries sustained while working with heavy, complex machinery such as tractors and combines. Farm and ranch workers also work with animals that are unpredictable, and they are subject to the elements as much of what they do must be performed outdoors. Farming and ranching, due to the high number of injuries sustained by workers, are industries where workers often need to claim the benefits owed to them under their disability insurance policy. When these claims are wrongfully denied, workers are left unable to pay their bills and care for their families. In situations like this, the assistance of one of the Miami disability insurance lawyers at Ver Ploeg & Marino can not be underestimated.

#6 Manufacturing Industry

Many factory workers are required to operate large pieces of machinery, from planer machines to drilling machines. Industrial equipment is the cause of many of the accidents that happen in factories. While factories are required to have safety measures in place, factory workers are often performing repetitive tasks for long hours. The tediousness of the job can cause accidents to occur.

Factory workers are also sometimes injured by the toxic chemicals they are required to work with and around.  

#7 Fishing Industry

Commercial fishing has its own fair share of dangers that are inherent to the industry. The unpredictability of the weather and waves is just one of these dangers. Others include falling from the fishing vessel as well as problems with the equipment on the boat. Whatever the cause, injuries that take place on the water can lead to both short and long-term disability. When injured, workers on these fishing vessels need the disability benefits they can obtain under their disability insurance policies. Having their claims denied is frustrating and takes its toll financially, mentally, and physically. One of the Miami disability insurance lawyers at Ver Ploeg & Marino can help injured workers obtain the disability benefits they are owed. 

#8 Sanitation & Recycling Industries

Sanitation and recycling workers are forced to perform their job duties in all types of weather, and they are expected to meet certain timelines to keep their employers and home and business owners on their route happy. Such a physical job is very demanding, and one small slip-up while working on such a large truck can cause extensive physical injuries. 

Another danger faced by sanitation and recycling workers is exposure to hazardous materials as you can never be sure what people place in their trash and recycling. Exposure to these materials can also cause extensive injuries. 

#9 Grounds Maintenance Industry

Ground maintenance workers are required to work with different types of equipment and chemicals. They are also required to work outdoors in all types of weather. Constantly having to work around chemicals and equipment leads to injuries that can cause a worker to become disabled. Disabled workers with short and long-term disability policies should be able to collect the much-needed benefits they are owed under the terms of their policy. When their claim is denied, the Miami disability insurance lawyers at Ver Ploeg & Marino can help. 

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