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As Miami Disability Insurance Lawyers, we stay up-to-date on trends in the area of Disability Benefits. Several topics that have been gaining attention include employee engagement,  automation, and marijuana.  Employers are grappling with these issues, all of which are likely to impact disability insurance benefits for employees.  From increasing awareness of mental and behavioral health to learning to embrace technology while still maintaining a human connection between employer and employee and understanding the interplay between state and federal laws on medical marijuana use in the workplace, the needs and concerns of employees are being heard and addressed in new ways, while employers reap the benefits of employee loyalty and commitment.

Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement and participation with group benefit programs is a hot button for many employers.  This is not surprising considering that employee benefits are often an employer’s second largest expense, after labor.  Employers are exploring ways to increase productivity, while generating loyalty and commitment.  Examples include on-site day care, financial wellness, and other initiatives to help employees focus on work and reduce stress.  Incorporating systems and strategies for addressing employee mental health and well-being is emerging as a key component of employee engagement.   


New technologies are poised to radically change areas of labor, including disability programs. At the same time, however, employers and employees are concerned about losing a sense of human connection to the workplace.  Employers are responding by offering customized benefits, including enhanced disability programs, and introducing automated and digital technologies to the workplace, such as investing in virtual private networks for stable internet connections, video conference solutions and online file sharing systems.  The result of incorporating elements of flexibility into disability programs is benefitting employers with improved retention, increased productivity, greater employee engagement, while benefitting employees by reducing physical and financial stress and providing a greater sense of empowerment and appreciation. 


The increasing legalization of marijuana presents employers with a host of new challenges, particularly in the case of medical marijuana.  Although it is legal in 30+ states, it is illegal under federal law, leaving employers confused as to how to approach medical marijuana use in the workplace.  At the moment, there is no easy answer because of the conflicting interpretations of state marijuana and disability laws.  Employees who have been prescribed medical marijuana also need to be mindful of its potential impact on their ability to collect federal disability benefits. 

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