Life insurance payouts and slayer statutes add to family’s burden p5

Wed Jun 11th, 2014 on     Insurance Claims,    

Charles and Judy Cox must have mixed emotions as December 6 nears. That Saturday will mark the fifth anniversary of their daughter’s disappearance. It will also mark the end of that terrible waiting period that families must endure between a disappearance and an official declaration of death. The Coxes’ daughter, Susan Powell, may or may not have been murdered by her husband in 2009, and the state will finally acknowledge what so many have believed for a long time: She is not coming back.

Life insurance payouts and slayer statutes add to family’s burden p3

Thu Jun 5th, 2014 on     Insurance Claims,    

We are discussing a court decision about life insurance policy payouts under unusual circumstances. Generally, the insurance company pays the beneficiary as soon as it learns of the insured’s death. If the company cannot locate the beneficiary, it retains the payout for a set period of time before turning it over to the state. Florida has been instrumental in holding life insurance companies’ feet to the fire, so to speak, to make sure they actively search for the beneficiary.

It’s just that simple: Insurer denies claim on procedural grounds

Sat May 24th, 2014 on     Insurance Claims,    

An interesting and sad case crossed our desk this week. It concerns a case from outside of Florida that turned on an insurance rule that applies wherever you are: If you abide by the terms of the policy, the insurance company will consider your claim. Otherwise, the insurance company can deny the claim, and every court from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast will find the denial reasonable.

So when you say ‘explosion,’ what exactly does that mean? p3

Sat May 17th, 2014 on     Insurance Claims,    

Insurance is a picky business. Insurers write policies that look generous but are, in fact, fairly narrow. For example, an insurer or agent may use the term “all peril” when referring to a homeowners policy. The average person would understand that to mean all perils: hail, famine, war, lightning, a terrorist attack and so forth. Any damage to your home caused by anything under the sun will be covered.

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