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Florida is in a babalulu of a spot with Cuba policy change

Sat Feb 7th, 2015 on     Insurance Law,    

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio blasted the Obama administration recently for relaxing restrictions on travel and trade with Cuba. The change in policy, Rubio argued, ignores human rights issues that continue to exist in Cuba. Further, he said, our expanded interaction with the country will not inspire the Castro regime to change its ways. Sending tourists to Havana will not make life any easier for pro-democracy nationals. Lowering trade barriers will not force the Cuban government to curtail its use of violence in dealing with opponents or critics.

Is there a trick to understanding an insurance policy? p2

Fri Jan 16th, 2015 on     Insurance Claims,    

A friend of ours took a speed reading course a few years ago. The trick, the instructor said, was to read the article or book or whatever several times, starting with a high-level review and drilling down to almost a word-for-word reading. All she remembers now is that she was supposed to draw a “Z” with her finger as she read.

Is there a trick to understanding an insurance policy?

Tue Jan 13th, 2015 on     Insurance Claims,    

We often urge people to read their insurance policies. It may not be a laugh a minute; it may not be an edge-of-the-seat thriller. You may even doze off once or twice. But your insurance policy — and it doesn’t matter what kind of insurance we are talking about — contains information that could change the way you run your house, the people you lend your car to, or the insurance company you buy your coverage from.

Policy cancellations: You can’t fire me, except when you can p2

Fri Jan 9th, 2015 on     Homeowners Insurance,    

We have started the new year off with some information about mid-term cancellations of homeowners insurance policies. It is not exactly an upbeat topic, but it does offer fodder for resolutions. If you are truthful on your application, pay your premiums and follow the insurer’s instructions about repairs, you shouldn’t get the dreaded notice of cancellation.

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